Hi, welcome to my author site. My new book HELD: A mother’s Journey of praying for a prodigal is available now.

I combine my knowledge and training in counselling and coaching with my faith experience to assist families who are experiencing real life difficulties.

As a family counselor and prayer intercessor, I am dedicated to assisting families facing real-life difficulties by combining my knowledge and training in counseling and coaching with my faith experience. It is my calling to provide support and guidance to women and families who are going through significant life changes.

Having personally experienced many of these life changes, I understand the overwhelming emotions and challenges that can arise. It is easy to feel lost or isolated during these times, but I want to assure you that you don’t have to face them alone. Whether you are struggling with the responsibilities of parenting or simply seeking ways to enhance your mental and emotional well-being, I am here to offer my compassionate support.

Through the power of prayer and my ministry, I firmly believe that together we can overcome any obstacle and discover a brighter path forward. I am deeply passionate about prayer and find great fulfillment in ministering to individuals and families. It is through the strength of our faith and the guidance of the divine that I believe we can find solace, strength, and solutions.

Together, we will navigate the challenges you face, find healing, and create positive transformations.

Remember, there is hope, and I am here to be your ally and prayer intercessor.